Free waiting list for product launch bot template

Let everyone know about your product launch, answer FAQs and collect emails.

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Inform, answer FAQs and collect leads

There is a lot of information you need to share with your potential early adopters.
Chatbots are useful for that as they can give all info needed providing great user experience.
A great user experience increases engagement so you'll get more beta testers. 😊

Collect emails from beta testers on your website and beyond

You can add your product launch bot on your website using the widget format.
You can also share your bot on social media, send it to a mailing list, etc.

Send your beta tester contacts to your waiting list management tool

You can send your data to Google Sheets using our native integration, to Airtable or another tool with our Zapier integration.
You can also send you data to your own back-end using our webhook integration.

Boost your conversion rate now

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