How do you make a simple order form?

You can create a simple t shirt order form by using questions with pre-defined answers.

Like with "what's your size?" question, you can suggest several answers using buttons. This way, users don't need to write anything.

When it comes to calculating an amount to pay, it's easy! You can do it by using our calculation block. You can create variables and do some calculations with it.

In the t shirt order form template here, we define the price amount, the number of t shirts ordered and then, make the calculation to determine the final amount to pay.

How do you handle payment?

Our Stripe integration is coming soon! Write to Camille if you need it now at

Otherwise, you can add a stripe or paypal link to pursue with the payment. With hidden fields, you can customize the url data.

We also have a webhooks that you could use to send all information you want to your database. You can then be able to execute some tasks.

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