What needs to be on a job application form

A job application form is a questionnaire that takes information from candidates interested in your open jobs.
You can ask many things: applicant’s personal information, work experience, education, references, availability, etc.
Thanks to this information, you can easily hire several qualified people in a short period time.
About content, you can ask the minimum or go further.
Basics are full names, email, phone number, address, work experience and, of course, a job description.
But, you can also ask for an intro video, some pre-qualification questions even psychometric questions like: "If you could invite three living or dead people to dinner tonight, who would you choose?"

Why using Joonbot for my job application form

The conversational version of the form you can do with Joonbot will allow you to ask more questions while increasing your completion rate.
You can even conduct an asynchronous job interview with videos.
Bye-bye the first one-to-one interview, say hello to the scaling machine!

How to make a job application form

Here is the secret sauce to make a job application form fabulous:

  1. Make your company attractive
  2. Create personalized questions
  3. Ask for video
  4. Send data to your ATS

Create a trivia game is easy

Make your company sexy

It could be a video or a few lines about your company successes, pictures of the team or your workspace. Keep in mind that videos inscrease engagement rate!

Create a trivia game is easy

Create personalized and original questions

Think about all you need to know to select candidates the right way for the first round.
You can ask for a CV using our upload file feature, but you can also ask for the Linkedin, sometimes it's easier for everybody.
You can even go further. You can ask specific questions depending on previous answers thanks to our logic jump feature.
For example, you can ask for a Github link if the candidate wants to work for the IT department or a dribble link if this is for a job position in design.
Don't forget the psychometric questions, it's fun and gives you a lot of information about your candidate mindset.

Create a trivia game is easy

Ask for video

Ask for a video intro; it will save you a lot of time, it's the best for candidate screening.

Quiz template design to see how scoring works

Send data to your ATS

You can send data to your ATS with Zapier or our Webhooks integration.
You can use our Google Sheets or coming soon Airtable integrations.