How do you write an employee evaluation form

It seems obvious, but it's essential never to forget that your employee evaluation form has to be aligned with the objectives you fixed as the manager to your employee.

This way, the employee evaluation form is fair, and you have a concrete basis to work on.

In addition to an employee evaluation form, you can also create a self-evaluation form.

What we think and feel is always subjective. Having both employee and manager point of views is the best for a fair evaluation.

Now, let's talk about content orientation.

Every employee evaluation form has to have a clear purpose.

Before designing your employee evaluation form, ask yourself what's the goal:

  • Reinforce organizational culture?
  • Establish better alignment within your workforce?
  • Focusing on employee development?
  • Effect a significant organizational change?
  • Assess the learning needs of your employees?
  • Attempting to identify high-potential employees?

What should I write in an employee evaluation form

In many cases, you should have the following information within your employee evaluation form:

  1. A reminder of the employee job description and annual objectives
  2. Work quality
  3. Attendance/punctuality
  4. Initiative
  5. Productivity
  6. Communication/Listening skills
  7. Dependability
  8. Job knowledge
  9. How well they work with the team
  10. If they are meeting their goals
  11. Their achievements
  12. Areas to improve

About rating scale, be explicit. It's better to put words instead of numbers. Here are some examples:

  • Poor-fair-statisfactory-good-excellent
  • Strongly disagree ..... Strongly agree

Depending on what you focus on, you can implement a five rating scale or a four one.
Sometimes you need to make decisions and, with a five rating scale, it isn't straightforward if the assessor always chooses in the middle.

Why use Joonbot to create an employee evaluation form

Your bot already knows who will evaluate who

You have zero additional human tasks to do.

You don't need anymore to ask useless questions like "what's your name" with a high chance of typos and so treatment issues for you.

You can use hidden fields to send custom URL bots.

Structured data well stored in your employee evaluation tool

You can use our integrations (Zapier, Google Sheets, Webhook) to send data collected with your employee evaluation bot in real-time.

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