Automate your recruitment process

Our recruiting bots engage, answer questions and pre-qualify candidates at scale 24 hours a day. Save time to focus on building relationships with candidates.

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Receive job applications from everywhere

Replace your job application form by a Joonbot and increase your engagement rate. Diffuse your Job offers with a job application bot link.

Automate the pre-qualification process

You don't need to spend hours organizing and doing pre-qualification calls. Your bots can ask the right pre-qualification questions depending on the job offer. Your bot can also answer to the job offer and company related FAQs.

Send job applications right into your ATS

No additional work. Your recruitment bot can send the applications right into your ATS, even your home-made ATS. We have Zapier and Webhook integrations for that.

Use scoring system to rank candidates

Create your own scoring system and send scores in your ATS thanks to our webhook integration. Candidate ranking can save you a LOT of time!

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