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Quick and easy installation

Copy and paste 1 line of code and it's done!

Responsive display

Responsive to look great on every device.

100% customizable

Choose your own avatar, text with emojis and color, images, GIFs and videos.

Multiple formats

Coming soon!

Choose the one that suits your need: widget, modal, embed or full page.

File upload

Users can upload documents like a resume when it’s useful. We accept png, jpeg, jpg, doc, docx and pdf.


With loops, your bot can loop on a previous block. You can build menus and FAQ categories with loops.

Logic jump

Jump to different questions based on respondent’s answers.

Coming soon!
Contextualize the appearance of your bot with segmentation features
Scroll triggers

Only display your bot if a user has scrolled the desirable percentage of a webpage.

Geo-located targeting

Show your bot based on users’ location and localize your offers.

Inactivity sensor

Display your bot after the user has been inactive on the website for a while to boost user experience.

Traffic source targeting

Display bots based on specific traffic sources and URLs such as Facebook, and Google AdWords.

Device-based targeting

Use different bots depending on what devices your visitors use.

Newcomers/returning visitors

Target the category you want depending on your goal.

Use limitless integrations to automate your process
Self notifications

Receive an email with transcript when someone ends one of your bot scenarios.

Zapier integration

Automatically send data to your favourite apps with Zapier.

Email integration

Notify in real time your team or bot's users by email with the information given during the conversation.

Native integrations

Coming soon!

We develop our product based on user's needs. Do you need a native integration? Write to Camille -


Push and/or receive data from your third-party apps. You can also give global variables to your bot.

Recall information

Save data collected into variables that you can use after in the conversation, an email or a Zap.

Use actionable insights to improve your bot
Real-time statistics

Get real-time data of your bot, such as number of views, conversations started, and engagement rate.

Google analytics event tracking

Coming soon!

Track user response by analyzing your bot impressions, clicks, and engagement with Google Analytics Events integration.

Drop-off rate analysis

Coming soon!

You can see if any of your questions are a huge turn-off for your audience, and which ones people like answering more. Same applies for FAQs.

Google analytics goal tracking

Coming soon!

Measure the impact of our bot on your target audience with Google Analytics.

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