Three chatbot examples for customer support you can use

Ready to use chatbots to automate your customer service in a personal way? Get inspired by those 3 chatbot examples.

by Camille Franceschi in Guides

3 MIN READ | September 7, 2020

3 chatbots examples for customer support

Outstanding customer support can make your company stands out from the crowd.
But it takes time ...! Automating some customer support processes can help you a lot.

We've collected three chatbot examples here which will help you get started faster.
Ready to take the shortcut?

1. The "FAQ" bot


Sometimes, you need to give specific info related to a particular page of your website.
Also, sometimes, unexpected things happen, you need to inform your customers quickly about everything related to this event.
In any case, the FAQ bot can help you with this.


Let's take the example of a cancelled run event.
As a runner, you need to know if the race is postponed to a specific date, if you can get your money back, how you can claim your money, etc.

Most of all, some people are not used or a huge fan of help centres.
They will appreciate having the info they need without having to search for it all over the internet.


People will find at the right place and right in time all the info they need without having to search for it all over the internet.

How to build conversations

  1. List info your customers will look for.
  2. Create the questions related to that information.
  3. Group your questions in different categories.
  4. Create an explanatory avatar, your catchphrase and you are done!

You can try our "FAQ" bot template here!

2. The "help request" bot


Sometimes, FAQs don't work.
In certain cases, visitors or customers always have specific questions.
The "help request" bot will help you handle this question's flow.


This chatbot is about pre-qualifying the requests before sending it to the customer support team.
This way, you can prioritize the requests and send it to the right person.


The goal is to gather quickly, asking a few questions with already-made answers, the info you need to qualify and prioritize the request.

How to build conversations

  1. Create categories or subjects that qualifies the request.
    Let's say you provide marketing automation for small business, like accountants, opticians, etc. You could ask in which business category is the bot user using already-made answers like "Accountancy", "Real Estate", etc.
  2. Ask if the issue or question the user has is limited, moderate, major or critical.
    This way, everyone is happy. For example, if the user says, it's limited, he will not expect an answer in minutes.
  3. Don't hesitate to ask for a video, screenshot or detailed document to get the most info possible to help you solve the problem quickly.

You can try our "help request" bot template here!

3. The "complete customer support" bot


You have many things to share with your customers.
You can help them resolve issues they have with your product or answer general questions, but that's not all.
You can also share news like feature releases, collect their feedback, feature requests and bugs they found.


This chatbot handles all subjects you can have with your customers.
The perfect place for this bot is in the user session of your product.


The goal is to centralize at one place all exchanges you can have with your customers and send the info collected to the right app and people.

How to build conversations
  1. Choose which actions you want your customers to take: FAQ, bug report, feedback collection, feature request, feature update, etc.
  2. Build each conversational path related to the subjects you chose.
  3. Start the conversation with a question about the action the customer wants to take.
  4. In the end, don't forget to allow your customers to choose another action using our loop feature.

You can try our "complete customer support" bot template here!

Build your own chatbot today

There you have it: 3 chatbot examples to automate your customer support, at scale.

You got the ideas. Now, you need the tool.
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