How Jacques Raud Consulting has more than doubled its number of applications

Starting with a great first impression and continuing with personalized and simple conversations.

by Camille Franceschi in Case studies

2 MIN READ | August 8, 2019

In a nutshell
  • Challenge: How Jacques Raud consulting can increase their number of spontaneous applications without making more communication actions?
  • Solution: Add a friendly chatbot, which will offer a personalized experience while asking for little information.
  • Result: Jacques Raud Consulting has, on average, more than doubled their number of spontaneous applications on their website.


Alexandra works at Jacques Raud Consulting, a recruiting firm specialized in IT.
She is handling communication looking to grow brand awareness for the company and candidate sourcing.

As her company is specialized in IT (mainly on complex information systems like PLM, Supply Chain, CAE, etc.), Alexandra needs to source profiles with specific skills and so very scarce.

In addition to the direct approach, Jacques Raud Consulting makes marketing and communication operations to bring people on their website.
For example, the company publishes its offers on social network and job boards and write and diffuse very specialized articles.

« As part of Jacques Raud Consulting team in charge of digital communication and talent acquisition, we are constantly looking for new ways to engage with our target audience on social media or through our website.»

Alexandra Moraru Jacques Raud Consulting


Alexandra was looking for a way to increase the number of applicants.

As she makes a lot of efforts to bring traffic on her company website, she wanted to find a way to increase the website conversion rate.

She doesn’t want to miss any occasion to be in touch with a good profile.

To convince more people to make a spontaneous application on her company website, Alexandra was looking for a more friendly and proactive way to connect with visitors.

She also wanted to simplify the application process to make it very quick and easy.

A chatbot seemed to her the perfect communication channel to fulfil this objective.


Alexandra opted then to build a bot with Joonbot.

« Our day to day interactions use digital tools and imaginative ways of communication to attract and retain good candidates. So, when we discovered the bot, we were sure that this was a great way to reinforce communication with talents and increase our conversion rate on our website. »

Alexandra Moraru Jacques Raud Consulting

It is possible to build chatbots that can follow different scenarios (logic jump) with Joonbot. So she took the opportunity to welcome any visitors, that is to say, potential candidates and prospects.

The chatbot of Jacques Raud Consulting can welcome visitors to offer them different paths.
If the visitor is looking to recruit, he can share some information about his recruitment needs.
If he is looking for a job, the bot offers him the chance to send his application.

Whatever the scenario, the bot always offers several possibilities to fit with visitor’s preference.
For example, when a visitor is keen to apply, the bot asks him if he prefers to upload a CV or give his Linkedin URL.

Alexandra chose to put the chatbot on every page of the website to maximize the number of applications.
That way, a visitor interested in an article written by Jacques Raud Consulting can end up leaving his application as the bot suggested him to do so.

« Thanks to a good understanding and communication of our needs, Camille Franceschi suggested to place a bot to gain more spontaneous applications, and she was right. We appreciated the fact that we were able to build a scenario with different paths to improve conversion.
Having installed the bot on all website pages, allowed us to be more reactive and engage rapidly with our clients and especially with rare candidates. »

Alexandra Moraru Jacques Raud Consulting

Alexandra doesn't want to miss any occasion to be in touch with a good profile. So the bot suggests, in the end, to keep in touch by joining Jacques Raud Consulting's expert communities: PLMNetwork and Les Experts IT.

Finally, using a chatbot allowed Jacques Raud Consulting to kill two birds with one stone.

As visitors are specialized in IT, they have a real interest in tools and innovations in this field.
Installing a chatbot on their website makes total sense and contributes to reinforcing their legitimacy.


Installing a chatbot has been effective so far.
The number of spontaneous applications has instantly more than doubled.

To be more specific, the number of spontaneous applications increased by 130% over the three months after installation.

Alexandra chose to keep the spontaneous application form which was initially on the website.
Ultimately, the number of applications through this form didn't change; the chatbot did not cannibalize it.

It means that the chatbot can engage a different category of people who would have never applied in the usual way.

« In our field of activity, we have to constantly find innovative ways to keep the communication going with talents so they can think of us when searching for a new job opportunity. The bot is the perfect tool to reinforce our communication strategy. »

Alexandra Moraru Jacques Raud Consulting

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